The wisdom Path known as XPR offers three complimentary resources to deepen your understanding of what may be possible.  Depending on your preferences and your learning style, you may either:

  •  Work solo as you discover page after page the multi-dimensionality of Honey, I’m home!
      1. Free Intro to Announcing Honey I’m Home | here
      2. Request your free Honey I’m Home eBook | here
  • Work in a group setting as you join a meeting of The New Essenes | here.
  • Request a one-on-one conversation—XPR Simplicity— from one of the XPR Advisors | here.

Any one of the above options may lead you to Engaging TINA, the first official course of the PaRaDiSe Mystery School of the Path of XPR…

Back Story – the road to Honey I’m Home

At last, we have an introduction to this mammoth of a project known as the “Path of XPR!” Called Honey, I’m Home, this intro eBook outlines the basis of a global cosmology as a Theory of Everything. Yet for it to emanate the wisdom vibes of Quantum Physics and Metaphysics, it also had to have the practicality of… a self-help book on how-to know “God!”

This project started quite unexpectedly some 33 years ago, at a time when we were so naïve we had no clue about what we were working on (a blessing, truly). All of it happened by way of intuition. Here is what we mean: imagine meditating and entering a “room” that is so cluttered with papers that you only see mountains of them, with piles that go from floor to ceiling and narrow paths in between. Imagine now that, on this virtual holodeck, your heart (your intuition) gives you the message: “your work is to organize and reveal the order inherent in the chaos of knowledge. You will then organically get the healing you desire to receive…” How bad can it get, really? So you start filing, time passes and finally, you’re occupying a very tidy room; you’ve learned a whole bunch about categorizing, structuring and predicting, and you feel quite good about what you’ve understood…

It is just that now that the room is clear, you can see that there is a door in the back of the room. You can’t help it: you have to open it and there it is… Another room, yet bigger this time, filled again with mountains of paper. “OK,” you say, “I’ve done it once, I can do it again.” So off you go, you pull up your sleeves and start organizing again; wax on, wax off! Time passes. By now, you can see it coming, right? So yes, when we finished that room, another door was revealed, and there we were, compelled to obey an intuitive hunch encouraging us to continue… to THE END!

It is after the clearing of the third room that the nature of our work—a global cosmology and a technology of full awakening—was made clear to us… By then, we sorta, kinda could handle it! Since then, another 23 rooms got tidied up. Eventually, all that decluttering allowed for the Child to move so freely that Honey, I’m Home was made visible. As we gain access to a mansion of 26 plus dimensions, we also entered an in-commensurable lightness of being via the deep knowing of being at one with the “QKosmos…” This was so sudden; and quite a strange way to come to feel that we belong, that life in the body is not that painful after all, but a whole lot of fun… Yet, a path was traced and a rhythmic dancing one at that, and it’s really all that mattered! ♫♪ I found a love with an easy touch… ♪ Soooooo; with no further ado, we invite you to join in the feeling as you discover Announcing Honey, I’m Home; a “BEE-you-tiful” gift of LOVE. If you like what you see, you are invited to follow the instructions above to receive the full version of Honey I’m Home.