Open Meetings

Have you ever heard the saying “if you wanna keep something, anything, you must first learn to give it away?” This is the simplest and most direct way to explain why the New Essenes exist. Granted, our curriculum, our writings, our offerings, our vision, are literally far out. To account for this, and still provide a sensible way for you to get to know us, the Path of XPR, and emPowering NOW, we offer a variety of meetings.

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An Ultimate Tool

The New Essenes are equipped with a tool of great Power—the “SIX-based fractals.” Fruitful and multiplied, they are represented as rainbow lines (see below). The top rainbow decodes the linear order of “Above;” the bottom line, the random order of “Belove.” They organize any concept via SIX cells, to allow US to Under-Stand that any possible construct has its root in the One. It is within the perfection of the SIX that the Essence of creativity can be sourced: therein is found the “Genesis Pattern,” a.k.a. the “Seed of Life”.


The New Essenes: The 6th Sense of US (UnderStanding)

We the People of the New Essenes, in order to resonate in perfect Unison, establish Justice, insure domestic Peacefulness, provide for Commonality, promote the general Welfare, and secure the blessings of Liberty to all sentient life, offer the 6th Sense of US fractal, as follows:

  1. We are Bound by a Common desire: to stop suffering and to unfold our potential—two sides of the same coin. As we become free and “Enough,” we naturally transition from GReed into GRace.
  2. We respect the Comprehensive neutrality of the Path of XPR and of the New Essenes: there can be no claim as to the authorship or ownership of what will be revealed, deduced and felt as the Living Word, since it belongs to no gender, no race, no nation, no tradition, no organization (non-profit or other), no political group, but only to life itself. We do not have an agenda to promote a particular viewpoint, solution or outcome, or to market a product, service or otherwise: we just aim to live it!
  3. Our meetings are led by non-professional volunteers, namely “the New Essenes,” who choose to be the Stewards of the Path of XPR. We welcome anyone who wishes to explore with US what is involved in having an experiential UnderStanding of XPR, that is, of the Self.
  4. We Contribute our financial support to emPowering NOW LLC according to the “Sense of Enough,” i.e.; according to our own estimation of what this form of learning is worth to us.
  5. We offer Sanctuary, where to include different perspectives: we may speak or remain silent. We respect anonymity by knowing that there is no shame in what is shared; just light finding its way!
  6. We release and hold harmless emPowering NOW LLC and its agents from all liability, as we each acknowledge being fully accountable for our own results. 

Sense of Enough Contributions:

We contribute according to the “Sense of Enough,” i.e.; according to our own estimation of what this form of support and learning is worth to us. Below is a button to contribute via Credit Card or PayPal.