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The emPowering NOW Advisory Team (bios|here):

  • Mahalene Louis—Austin, TX. 001.512.632.8952.
  • Michael Wolf—Austin, TX. 001.512.349.9836.
  • Emilio Williams—Laurel, MD. 001.301.346.5715.
  • Verena Visser Aibel—Hackensack, NJ. 001.201.487.6910.

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About emPowering NOW LLC

emPowering NOW LLC is a futuristic training and human development firm providing content, lectures, coaching services, training, courses on integrity (the quality of being entire—100%). Through the New Essenes offerings, it strengthens the body-mind connection by offering wholesome and luminous plant-based products for optimal nourishment.

The Mission of the Path of XPR

The Mission of XPR® is to reveal the inherent order in the chaos of knowledge. When we perceive that there is a universal path to hearing and seeing the soul of perennial truths, the invisible and the visible merge, the hunger for LOVE is satiated, integrity is naturally embodied, and an awake civilization emerges.

The Mission of emPowering NOW

The Mission of emPowering NOW LLC is to bring forth the Path of XPR as a way to transition from a world mainly in GReed where Giving/Receiving communicates via fear, confusion and domination, to a world of GRace where our word flows freely from the silence and the sounds of LOVE.