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 maha_pic1 My name is Mahalene Louis. As for my connection to food, it was for most of my life a total nightmare. I remember being five-year old and talking to “God,” saying: “thank you SO much for everything: I LOVE that I can dance and sing and write. I LOVE that I would be pretty. But why did you have to make food?” The first 11 years of my life were spent inventing numerous strategies to avoid eating. Then after that, I flipped into the next excess and wouldn’t stopped eating, eventually gaining 60 pounds in a couple months of that changed routine. Food was my declared life-long enemy. In my desolate land of no-nourishment, I encountered many diets. Until one day, some 23 years ago, I tried to change my “evil ways” via a long, long, long fast on water, followed by live nutrition. I was so changed that I wanted to go to the prison system and talk everyone into fasting: “wouldn’t that be awesome to turn violence into peace?” It didn’t take me too long to realize that my bad habits were not as reformed as what I wanted to believe. Again and again, I would start a plant-based diet, but brothers Ben & Jerry being too tempting, and I’d end up into a big I-SCREAM! I knew Einstein was right: I couldn’t solve my eating problem at the level of consciousness I was in when it started. I couldn’t diet it away. My saving grace is and has been the ultimate tool of the Path of XPR, that allows me to come to such purity of mind that my emotional hunger is fed. Yep, the big gaping hole is no more: I am no longer at WAR with food or with my mouth… Instead I turned within, shifting WAR into RAW. The curse has become a blessing, as I talk to “God,” saying: “thank you SO much for everything: I LOVE that I can dance and sing and write. I thank you for the extraordinary deliciousness of being in a sane mind and in a sane body: what fun!”
 michael_pic1 Hello, my name is Michael Wolf and I am writing this bio with a slant towards describing my past and current relationship with food. When I was a baby, as the folk lore goes,  my very first words were “MORE BITE”. Funny, but based on what I know about me it is very likely true. From there and for most of my life I would characterize myself as a very fast, unhealthy and unconscious eater. Generally, I preferred quantity over quality and historically I did not pay much attention to the ingredients of my food selections nor did I engage in any real exercise program. With XPR and the healing / opening of my mouth chakra (Hebrew Daath) I have increasingly learned to use my mouth for conscious speaking AND perfect eating.  Practically, I have gently and naturally transitioned my diet towards healthier choices while simultaneously balancing my eating tempo. Now, I am happy with my body, my food selections and I am really enjoying the exploration and bringing-in of higher vibration food selections to my diet. I am grateful for the existence of XPR and the real solutions it offers, individually, and collectively for healing mouth issues. In fact, I have zero doubt that the most difficult and pervasive issues of my/our world can be completely solved by purifying what goes in, what I/we “kiss” and what comes out of my/our mouth.  Think about it.
 Emilio_pic1 My name is Emilio N. Williams. As for food’s connection to me, while we never went without something to eat during my childhood, what we would eat is another subject. I remember times of complete scarcity where it was simply biscuits, butter, maple syrup and water for the meal. I remember learning to cook at the age of nine as I was forced to take on the responsibility for other siblings growing up. What I didn’t realize was the attachment to food that had developed. The desire to eat differently and better had me play the game of resistance for some things and lavish in now having the “best” of everything with others. My life became preoccupied with food, hiding in the preparation, conversation, friendship, eating, drinking and drinking and eating. I now had to have all that I couldn’t have or couldn’t afford as a child. I was destined to prove that I could be somebody and have whatever I wanted and know how to prepare it. This caused the health to deteriorate, blood pressure to rise, cholesterol to spike, weight to climb up, plus other fringe benefits such as plantar fasciitis, elevated liver enzymes and chronic sickness. I promised myself that I would eat differently than I did while growing up. The result was an ignorant destruction of the body. The path of XPR has helped me come to a place of knowing from within: as I understood the pathology and the push and pull between resistance and desire, the fight/flight response stopped, and I was able to simply be. Once I began to understand the peace that passes understanding, I lost the weight I had been trying to lose, my doctors were and are amazed and I can’t remember the last time I was sick. The preparation of the food now is from a very different place—more from the plant kingdom (minimal cooked, part raw, smoothies, veggies and fruit). I’m continuing to have fun but now doing it from the heart.
 Verena_pic1 My name is Verena V. Aibel. Through the cutting-edge global cosmology known as the Path of XPR, I have experienced profound transformations in every area of life. My focus is no longer on what I can get or how to control others. Since I let go of attachments to outcomes, things, stories, my body, or even to the “this is good,” “this is bad” kind of thinking, I found the inner courage and vision to follow my heart. I am now marveling how the way is being cleared to take the next step into the future, being 100% certain (having 100% faith) that we are taken care of 100%! I have the privilege of empowering my own clients as we explore the world of the visible and invisible via XPR. What a blessing to guide others on their journey of transformation! My search is over. Maybe yours is too!